Ezra (Ted) Newman


406 Allen Hall
(412) 624-2764
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Professor Emeritus


I taught the graduate course in classical mechanics and general relativity. My research is centered on general relativity – the Einstein equations for gravity. More precisely I am interested in properties and the behavior of light–rays in the presence of gravitational fields and how the gravitational field can be reconstructed from the properties of the the light–rays.

Selected Publications

  • "CR Structures and Asymptotically Flat Space-Times," with P. Nurowski, Class. Quantum Grav. 23, (2006) 3123-3127.
  • "Asymptotic twistor theory and the Kerr theorem," Class. Quantum Grav. 23, (2006) 3385-3392.
  • " Infinity, H-space and Equations of Motion," with Carlos Kozmeh and Gilberto Silva-Ortigoza, 5th prize essay, Grav. Reseach Foundation (2006), to be published in GRG journal.
  • "The Physical Meaning of the Robinson-Trautman-Maxwell Equations," (tentative title), with Carlos Kozameh and Gilberto Silva-Ortigoza, submitted to CQG.
  • "The Universal Cut Function and Type II Metrics," – submitted to C&QG journal.