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Condensed Matter Physics

Our condensed matter group explore such fields as ultrafast processes, quantum computation, composite particle states, large-bandgap semiconductors, and the physics of biological systems. Learn More

Astrophysics and Cosmology

Our astrophysics and cosmology group explores such areas as the formation of galaxies; the production of dark matter in the early universe; and the properties, evolution, and death throes of massive stars. Learn More

Particle Physics

Our particle physics group seeks to understand the fundamental constituents of matter by searching for new subatomic particles and by measuring the properties of known particles and interactions. Learn More

Physics Education Research

Our physics education researchers study the cognitive mechanisms that aid or hinder the learning of physics, in order to create and assess techniques for improving physics education. Learn More



Our faculty members help undergraduate students and graduate students to experience firsthand the excitement of discovery, from exploration of the cosmos to the abstract realms of equation and data analysis.